07 July 2009

A Peace Plan That Works

As Barry Rubin explains, Israel has put forth a serious, workable peace plan based on five key points:

  • “The need for explicit Palestinian recognition of the State of Israel as the national state of the Jewish people.
  • “The demilitarization of a Palestinian state in such a manner that all of Israel's security needs will be met.
  • “International backing of these security arrangements in the form of explicit international guarantees.
  • “The problem of refugees must be resolved outside the borders of Israel.
  • “The agreement be an end to the conflict. This is to say that the Palestinians will not be able to raise additional claims following the signing of a peace agreement.”
Naturally, the Palestinian Authority rejects it out of hand. Why? Because they don't want to ever recognize Israel as anything except an accident of history.

Witness: If a two-state solution comes to pass, Jews will not be allowed to live in Palestine. What kind of "partner for peace," what kind of "friendly neighbor" is that?

The answer is, it's neither. The bottom line is and always has been this:If the Paletinians were to set down their weapons today, by tomorrow there would be no war. If the Israels were to set down their weapons today, by tomorrow there would be no Israel.

Am Yisrael Chai.

23 June 2009

Settlements are NOT the Issue

Nice column in The Australian about West Bank settlements. The writer points out, as have many others in recent days, that they are not the issue.

Two high-level former Middle East negotiators are puzzled by Obama's pressure on Israel about the settlements. This is fascinating. They're from opposite ends of the political spectrum (such as it is in this county), and yet they agree on virtually everything, especially that public pressure on settlements is a waste of time and energy.

The money quote, from Abrams referring to Olmert's offer to Abbas last year:

"[I don't understand] how we got to where we are today. ... The answer he got back is nothing.

"I would have thought this puts the onus on the Palestinians to do something, I would have thought that offer by Olmert shows the settlement expansion issue is phony [because Olmert's offer was better than the one made by Barack at Camp David 10 years ago].

"I don't understand [the apparent decision] to take the position that Israel is the problem."

Me neither.

Am Yisrael Chai

18 June 2009

Obama a Student of History?

President Obama calls himself a student of history, praises Islam's "long tradition of religious tolerance," and accepts, on behalf of all Americans, 100 percent of the blame for tensions between the Muslim world and the United States. Unfortunately, he's wrong on all three counts.

This open letter from Brigitte Gabriel to Obama is a must read.

Am Yisrael Chai

Carter Strikes Again; Obama Ticked

Once again demonstrating that his hatred for Jews has completely blinded him, our worst former president, Jimmy Carter is calling for the Obama Administration to remove Hamas from the list of terrorist organizations.

Yes, the same Hamas that actively advocates for the destruction of Israel and has fired thousands upon thousands of rockets from the Gaza Strip into Israel proper since Sharon's foolish disengagement in 2005.

And yes, this is the same Jimmy Carter's who accepts piles of money from repressive Arab despots. Is he credible? Absolutely not. But does the liberal left in this country still view him as a torch-bearer? I sure hope not.

Thankfully, the Obama Administration appears to be rather ticked off by Carter's shenanigans. The MEMRI video on this page is a good reminder of what we face.

Am Yisrael Chai

17 June 2009

Who's Hardline and who moderate?

Something to keep in mind when reading and listening to mainstream media. Language is power. Along with MSM's refusal to call terrorists what they are, there is also the consistent mis-labeling of people's political positions. This video contains the words right out of the proverbial horses' mouths.

Am Yisrael Chai

17 May 2008

A Must-Read Column

Six months since my last post? I'm trying, I really am, but sometimes the news is too demoralizing.

Ehud Olmert is a criminal, Tzipi Livni is no better and Avigdor Lieberman doesn't seem to be able to figure out how to step up.

But in Friday's Washington Post, Charles Krauthammer wrote one of the best columns I've read. It's about Israel's 60th birthday and the prospects for peace. Even my wife agreed that this was really special.

I commend it to your attention and look forward to your interesting responses. Just click the COMMENTS link below.

Am Yisrael Chai

09 December 2007

The Cab Ride

Ladies and Gentlemen, allow me to introduce you to Treppenwitz. I don't know David, the author, but my daughter's friend's dad apparently does, and all three of us -- that dad, this David and me, that is -- are from the Nutmeg State, but it's doesn't matter.

David's blog is phenomenal and is now at the top of my must-read list (David, in case you're reading, sorry to embarrass you like this). His post entitled My Cab Ride to Beirut is brilliant.

Give him a read and let me know what you think.

Am Yisrael Chai

05 December 2007

For Shame, Secretary Rice, For Shame

Two powerful, heart-breaking pieces on EMET Online this week.

The first is by Caroline Glick of the Jerusalem Post is achingly entitled Apartheid, Not Peace about the discriminatory practices of the Arab Muslim states and endorsement and even adoption of those practices by the United States, in the person of Secretary of I Should Know Better Condoleezza Rice, at last week's "peace" conference in Annapolis. No one, Jimmy "Worst Living President" Carter first and foremost, should forget that Israelis are forbidden from setting foot on Arab soil. It's absolutely astounding me that people have the nerve to use the word apartheid when discussing Israel when Arab Israelis get to vote in legitimate elections while their Egyptian, Syrian, Saudi, etc., brothers do not.

The second is by EMET's own Sarah Stern. It's a copy of her address to a group of Congressional staffers delivered on Nov. 27. Ms. Stern meticulously picks apart of the fallacious concept of engaging in land-for-peace negotiations with a partner who wants only land and no peace. Here is the key, in my view:

"The litmus test is how they are educating their children and it is what that they are saying to their people in Arabic. Now, because of the advent of the modern computer, we have ample facts at our fingertips indicating to us that the Palestinian Authority is failing this test miserably. They have been using every means of communication possible to incite their people to hate and to kill."

Too many in this country and around the world choose to ignore the facts about the Arab world's attitude toward Israel. I hear it all the time: "Just give them a chance." "It's just a few bad guys making all the noise." "Support their moderate leaders."


They've been given chances. Remember Oslo and all the things they agreed to do but didn't? Remember Wye River, when Arafat was offered everything but turned it down and started an Intifada instead?

Massive street demonstrations we've seen. Remember the celebrations in East Jerusalem after 9-11? Those were not isolated.

Moderate leaders they do not have. Mahmoud Abbas? You mean the author of a book denying the Holocaust (here, too) and past and present supporter of terrorism? You mean the man who, like his predecessor Arafat says one thing in English and another thing entirely in Arabic?

The United States, Russia and Western Europe must offer Israel their full support and must put every form of pressure in their arsenal on the Palestinians, Egyptians and Syrians. The only language the Arab world understands if force. Force is what Israel must give them.

Am Yisrael Chai